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44lb. 36MM Light Duty SOFT-Close Full Extension Slide (HC1)
Product Name: 44lb. 36MM Light Duty SOFT-Close Full Extension Slide (HC1) Features: SOFT-Close Technology Travel: Full Extension Profile Height: 36mm Profile Thickness: 1.0*1.0*1.2mm Mounting: 32mm hole pattern with breather tabs Side Clearance: 12.7mm (.50 ") plus .8mm (.03 ") minus 0 Material: Cold Rolled Steel Finishes: Zinc, Black Lengths: Metric 300mm (12") -500mm ( 20") Load Capacity: (20kg-44lbs)/16" Salt spray test: Passed over 48 hours salt spray test Test Certification: Passed 50,000 cycles by SGS Applications: Kitchen & bath cabinets Residential furniture Office furniture files & Tool storage Packaging Units: Unit of Measure: Set (Pair) Bulk Carton (B): 10 Sets per carton Item-No. Length Travel ADL-3600-G-1-SC-2-ZN / BK-300-B 300mm 300mm ADL-3600-G-1-SC-2-ZN / BK-350-B 350mm 350mm ADL-3600-G-1-SC-2-ZN / BK-400-B 400mm 400mm ADL-3600-G-1-SC-2-ZN / BK-450-B 450mm 450mm ADL-3600-G-1-SC-2-ZN / BK-500-B 500mm 500mm

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